Aviation Facilities

AVIC-ENG takes aviation facilities as its main business and pulls superior resources to develop aviation facilities construction to extend its brand influence. AVIC-ENG is making efforts in developing business covering the entire industrial chain of aviation infrastructure following the direction of “Aviation Facilities – Airport Economic Zone – Aviation City”.

Roads & Bridges

AVIC-ENG dedicates itself to delivering high-quality modern traffic facilities including roads and bridges on a large scale. While maintaining our current advantages, we aim to expand our market share.

Housing Construction

AVIC-ENG has long been superior to its competitors in terms of housing construction, as it has rich experience in overseas operations, excellent qualifications, and capabilities of expertise integration, financing and integrated management.

Hydraulic Engineering

AVIC-ENG expanded its water engineering construction business by adopting Chinese technologies in such areas as river diversion, dam construction, underground engineering, large-scale metal structure manufacturing and installation, and irrigation.

Overseas Investment

Thanks to the brand influence of AVIC and AVIC INTL, and the reputation and influence of AVIC-ENG itself in the field of international engineering, AVIC-ENG has developed its overseas real estate investment business in two important markets: the East African market, which is centered on Tanzania and Kenya

Domestic Engineering

AVIC-ENG has qualifications in Grade 1 general contracting of building construction engineering, Grade 2 general contracting of municipal public works construction, Grade 1 contracting of building decoration engineering, and Grade 2 contracting of steel structure engineering.


AVIC-ENG’s import and export business which was approved by the Chinese government is an important business activity of AVIC-ENG. After nearly 30 years of healthy development, by leveraging the industrial advantages of aviation industry and the business and trade resources that were pulled together